New Search Engine Optimization Tool Gives Businesses a Competitve Advantage in Google Rankings

SEO Expert Matt Callen develops Rank Recon, an SEO Keyword Tool that Analyzes the Internet Presence of Competitors


Vancouver, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2014 -- Rank Recon, a new SEO Analysis Software developed by expert Matt Callen, offers businesses an inside look at what its competitors are doing to improve their SEO presence for various keywords. When used correctly, this software has the ability to give businesses an opportunity to see what is working for their competitors, and utilize this information to build a stronger and more effective online presence.

Rank Recon’s SEO analysis software allows you to see what Google believes to be important in Internet search. SEO competition comparisons can be done very easily through this software by entering the keyword that is to be ranked as well as your website URL. All of the data from this SEO keyword tool will be compiled on the screen in just a few moments, so businesses can see what seems to be working for their competitors on Google. This also includes off-page factors, and suggestions for improvements. SEO analysis software has never been so simple, and has never been this easily available.

Rank Recon utilizes a unique algorithm to determine what is ranked well on Google and why it might be ranking well. This SEO keyword tool allows businesses to look up their competition based on various keywords, and see side by side comparisons of what they may not be doing as well as their competitors. This is a great SEO competition analysis tool, as it takes in to account many important SEO factors such as backlink counts, referring IDs, social signals, and much more.

The software allows businesses to scan the SEO presence of their competitors through the SEO keyword tool, and gives a difficulty score which rates how competitive each keyword is in a Google search. This score is determined by Rank Recon’s unique algorithm, which will highlight how difficult it may be to optimize the keyword in question.

This SEO analysis software recognizes the importance of backlinks in Google’s algorithm for SEO competition, which is why it is important to build backlinks for the appropriate keywords in the way that Google prefers. Google’s algorithm in SEO is constantly changing, however creator Matt Callen believes that his SEO keyword tool will allow businesses to be one step ahead of algorithm changes by being able to recognize trends and tactics that competitors are using.

“No longer do we have to guess blindly as to why your competitors are ranking so high in Google,” Callen says on the website. “It doesn’t matter if Google updates their algorithm every week!”

About Rank Recon
Rank Recon is the first of its kind. It is an innovative SEO Analysis Software that offers SEO competition statistics for businesses that may have previously struggled with their Internet presence and Google ranking. Matt Callen is a renowned SEO expert and is proud to offer this product to businesses interested in improving their SEO presence. He is currently offering the service for a highly discounted rate to celebrate its new launch. It can be purchased at

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