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New Season of Kitchen Nightmares on Fox with Chef Gordon Ramsay

In his signature white chef coat, Gordon Ramsay will be returning to Fox with another season of Kitchen Nightmares this October, which inspired uniform company to give away free deals via newsletter.


Homestead, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2012 -- Best Buy Uniforms is announcing a free newsletter sign-up after inspiration in the form of Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares” program on Fox. The program features Gordon Ramsay in his signature short-sleeved white chef coat as he critiques and improves restaurants across the United States.

The white chef coat that appears in the new season of the entertaining program is similar to the products sold by uniform supplier, Best Buy Uniforms. Due to the similarity, the was inspired to release a free newsletter which provides exclusive deals to the professional chef clothing available through their website. Chefs require special uniforms which allow them to uphold their visage of expertise while still staying comfortable and being able to function in the kitchen. You can view their selection of chef uniforms by visiting this link

The company, which specializes in chef uniforms, is pleased to offer products similar to the infamous Chef Ramsay from the Fox series Kitchen Nightmares. Through their discounts available in the online newsletter, which customers can receive for free, they hope to help chefs everywhere maintain the professional appearance of chefs as seen on the television show.

Best Buy Uniforms encourages their clients to watch the upcoming season of Kitchen Nightmares featuring Gordon Ramsay on the Fox Network to get inspiration for uniform ideas. Best Buy Uniforms ensures only the best in quality products and customer service, and looks forward to serving those who work hard in the kitchen. For more information on the chef uniforms provided by Best Buy Uniforms, or to sign up for their free newsletter which sends out exclusive deals, visit today.

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