New Senuke XCr Release Is Set to Be a Long Term Market Leader

To be released this september, the latest version of the Senuke SEO software called XCr has new features built in that should ensure the software developers confirm their place as the market leaders in the search engine optimisation industry.


Dublin, Ireland -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2012 -- Shrouded in mystery for quite some time, the newest release of the Senuke's team is called Senuke SCr. This is to replace it's predecessor SenukeX. According to it's developers, the "Cr" in the title of the latest version refers to the term "crowd sourcing". Traditionally, Senuke would have a number of website platforms available to it's subscribers which would allow them to submit content with links embedded referring back to their websites. For a long time this was considered ground breaking but with all their subscribers sharing the same platforms, the effectiveness became somewhat diluted. What the crowd sharing essentially allows their subscribers to do is to create their individual platforms and then share them with the other subscribers on a points system. Points can also be gained by repairing or improving these templates.

Internet marketing consultant of Black Sheep SEO said "It's a truly remarkable breakthrough in search engine optimisation software. This would be to the SEO industry what the apple iphone was to the mobile phone industry" He went on to say "I have no doubt, if the software is used correctly, search engines will have a very difficult time deciding how to rank sites effectively"

Currently the Senuke X software allows their subscribers to sign up to a number of platforms including, forums, Web 2.0 sites, Bookmarking sites, article directories, press release sites and, RSS sites and social networking sites. The latest version of the software Senuke SCr will allow the user to use new platforms like Wiki sites, PDF sharing sites and wordpress blogs allowing them to create their own blog networks. All these will be as standard but users can add any kind of platform they like.

There will be a 14 day trial of the software for new users and it is expected that the current price of the software is likely to rise with these new additional features. Like in previous versions of the software, there will be an option to purchase a lifetime licence as opposed to a monthly subscription, although it is believed that this option is only for the initial 3 days after the software's launch. The Senuke Team have launched a promotional video which can be seen at their main Senuke Website.

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