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New Series of Children's Books Puts Heroes, Villains and Vampires Aside - Introducing Kids to the Unusual Yet Inspiring 'Buffarillo'.

Edward Loffredo understands that most people haven’t heard of a Buffarillo – but that’s okay, his enchanting new children’s book brings the character to vivid life. ‘The Adventures of the First Buffarillo’ is the first volume of a new series based around the animal, poised to teach children about embracing their individuality and tackling the world with gusto.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2014 -- While many authors turn to storytelling during their retirement, Edward Loffredo has been delighting colleagues and acquaintances with tales tall and short since he was a young man. After forty years of Government service, Loffredo is finally settling down to commit his stories to paper and get them published to the masses.

However, none of his children’s stories are run-of-the-mill. In fact, ‘The Adventures of the First Buffarillo’ is wholly unique. Why? When was the last time anyone in reality came into contact with a Buffarillo, or even knew what they were?!

Easy Ed is the ringmaster of his traveling circus. After he is befriended by Cherokee Dan during a large jackalope roundup, the unlikely pair decides to drive a circus wagon train across tornado alley during the winter. But when a gust of wind suddenly knocks a wagon over, George the Gorilla escapes, meets Martha the Buffalo, and quickly falls in love.

Dan and Ed do not have the heart to break up the happy couple and leave them behind for a circus show in Omaha. One year later, Bob the Buffarillo is born, and Dan and Ed meet him for the first time. Bob is the strangest creature Dan and Ed have ever seen. Worse yet, Bob is terrified of jackalopes, and so he runs away, creating a stampede by himself, with Dan and Ed in hot pursuit. As they travel across hills, plains, and mountains, Bob leads Dan and Ed on a journey neither will soon forget. In this charming tall tale, a young critter created from a buffalo and a gorilla finds his place in the world-with the help of his two new friends.

While unusual, the author explains that his stories have a highly moralistic element.

“I’ve wrapped a very important life lesson around my story – that being different is okay. In fact, all children should embrace their differences and use them for a positive purpose. Many traits that first appear unusual often allow people to do things that others can’t, although few children see it this way,” says Loffredo.

Continuing, “This is what I do with all of my stories – give people a new perspective that they can take away, long after the story has finished. When you have captured someone’s attention through literature or the spoken word, you have a vital opportunity to feed them a new perspective or help them change their outlook on life.”

Loffredo has an entire series yet to be published.

“I’ve got eight books in the works, with plans to publish prolifically. As with this first release, each book provides a thought-provoking opportunity for young readers to broaden their horizons on life in general. It’s extremely powerful,” he adds.

‘The Adventures of the First Buffarillo’, from ArchwayPublishing, is available now: http://amzn.to/1mccZJU.

More information can be found on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BobTheBuffarillo.

About Edward Loffredo
Edward Loffredo was born in New York City and spent forty years working in government service. He first became a storyteller of tall tales when he was on leave from the US Air Force years ago. Now retired, Edward currently lives in Colorado, where he is hard at work writing more children's stories.