New Service Available for Vine Video Customers


Queensland, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2013 -- Hailing from Twitter, Vine video is a short, six second, video clip designed to be tweeted by Twitter users.  The short clip is ideal for Twitter, but many want to expand their clips beyond the six second limit.

“This is where I come in with my service.  Those who want to combine video come to me,” said Peter Drew of

Released in January, Vines allows for stop motion video and real time edits.  Drew takes these short videos, combines them and loads them to his YouTube account.

“Once the videos are loaded into YouTube, I tweet the owner of the videos and let them know the videos are ready.  If viewers like the video and tweet it, the video creator gets this tweet,” Drew said.

Using a semi-automated system, Drew downloads a week’s worth of Vine video, compiles it and uploads the compilation into YouTube.

“My plan has freeware coming out for the PC that will collect, compile and upload videos to my channel for all to see,” Drew added.

In the first week of testing Your Week in Vines, Drew totaled 118 compilation videos from 4100 vine videos, resulting in 6200 video views and 230 hours of vine compilation video viewing.

“This is a substantial amount of video considering the length of each video is six seconds,” Drew said.

To see more about Drew’s work with Vines, view his video at or contact him on Twitter @YourWeekinVines.

Company Name: Your Week in Vines
Contact: Peter Drew
Twitter: @YourWeekinVines