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New Service for Facebook Friends Offered by SM Swag


Newport Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2013 -- Social Media Swag is now offering up to four packages of Facebook “friends” to help small businesses and entrepreneurs market their companies. Currently Facebook is the largest and most well known social media website in the entire world. Everyday, businesses market their products, services and brand on Facebook to hundreds of millions of people. Small businesses and entrepreneurs can also take advantage of this huge potential market by purchasing Facebook friends to augment their accounts.

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome for businesses on Facebook is the tendency for many people not to “friend” an account unless there are already plenty of friends in place. This “Catch-22” situation means that unless an account is already popular, it will never be popular without a large investment of outside resources. Social Media Swag offers an inexpensive solution to this conundrum.

The four different packages of Facebook friends offered by SM Swag come with a money back guarantee.

- Followed: 500 friends for $19.95
- Popular: 1,000 friends for $29.95
- Famous: 1,500 friends for $34.95
- Ultimate: 2,000 friends for $39.95

In addition, each of the packages can be incorporated with other marketing strategies to maximize the results. Plus, each of these packages are delivered within three, four, five or seven business days respectively. The end result is that businesses and entrepreneurs have an inexpensive way to create new friends and expand their marketing potential. For more information on purchasing Facebook friends to help market a business, visit SM Swag.

Here at SM Swag, we quickly get you popular and thus encouraging even more likes, followers, you name it! We even have a replacement guarantee on all of our services!

Steve Donahue
SM Swag
Newport Beach, CA, USA