New Service of Credit-Yogi Helps Students Debt Repayment

Two things that can be said about higher education are that it is very helpful, when completed, in finding a good job and it is ridiculously expensive. However, there are federal grants and loans to help defray the expense. Once one’s education is completed, it is time to think about a student debt repayment plan so all of one’s earnings from that good job don’t go to paying back loans. The following will offer some ideas about how to repay student loans so it won’t seem so intimidating when the time comes to do it after graduation.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2013 -- As a new college graduate, there is so much to look forward to. A new station is life, a new job in a new city… the thought of how to pay back all the loans required to make college possible. Before becoming overwhelmed by the idea of how much of that nice new salary will have to go to college debt, look into an online student debt repayment assistant. This little aid helps a former student to understand what type of loans he or she has and how to find that information out if he or she is unsure. It also assists a graduate in figuring out what organization in managing the loans, Sallie Mae or the Department of Education, for example. This aid also helps new graduates set up automatic online payments by providing the information about who “owns” the loans. All in all, the student loan debt repayment helper is an ingenious idea sponsored by the consumer financial protection bureau.

Other ways to develop a student debt repayment plan start with contacting the college financial aid department to find out exactly what kind of loans one has to repay. The next step would be to learn the amount of each loan payment. If two or more loans are “owned” by one financial company, see if the separate payments can be combined into one monthly sum. This makes managing one’s loans far easier than having to plan out several payments every month. If one is dealing directly with the Department of Education, those loan servicers can also help arrange suitable payment schedules. They can set it up, with one’s permission, of course, to have two smaller payments a month taken directly from one’s checking account, which helps ease the financial burden of more than one loan.

Whether one chooses to utilize the aid of the student debt repayment assistant or to make arrangements through one’s loan services, be responsible for paying back the loans. Defaulting on them can have some very unpleasant results, such as damaging one’s credit score.

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