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New Service Provides Online Portal to Sell Used Electronics aims to protect the earth by keeping obsolete devices out of landfills


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/14/2015 -- A new business hopes to combat the need for disposal of older versions of electronics by providing quick cash for used devices.

Stopoint ( allows users to sell high-end electronics including phones, laptops, tablets, TVs, watches and other electronic gadgets with a three-step "select-ship-and-pay" system.

Sellers can earn cash for electronics in three easy steps. First, they search for the model of phone or other electronic they would like to sell, locating it in the Stopoint database by clicking on the menu tab related to their gadget. Once the device model is located, the seller selects the condition of the device, choosing between good or flawless. Stopoint will then instantly make an offer for the value of the device.

When the seller accepts the offer, he or she can then print out a pre-paid shipping label, package the device and drop it off at any FedEx store. Payments are offered via PayPal within 24 hours or sent by check via the US Postal priority service, arriving in less three days.

Stopoint will match the price of any competitor, ensuring that sellers get top dollar for their devices. All Stopoint quotes remain valid for 30 days.

"For years we've watched as tech companies push out new models of electronics while 'old' models are barely used, rendering perfectly great devices obsolete before their time," said Steeve Simbert, a spokesperson for Stopoint. "We created a simple online marketplace where anyone can easily make cash selling their used devices."

About Stopoint
Stopoint was founded by dedicated visionaries in Miami, Florida who believe in protecting the environment by recycling and re-using products. As the business grows, Stopoint aims to collaborate with environmental non-profit organizations that share their passion for protecting the earth by reducing waste.

"Our service is a win-win-win for seller, buyer and the earth," Simbert said. "We're so excited to build this triple-bottom-line business and can't wait to partner with others who share our mission."

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