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New Site, DebtCafe Canada, to Provide Canadians Self-service Option to Seek Debt Relief, and Avoid Bankruptcy


Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/13/2012 -- The average Canadian household carries more than $9,000 in credit card debt alone. Often, the debt is many times higher when factoring in other accounts like store cards, cars, student loans and mortgages, according to new information published on DebtCafe Canada.

DebtCafe Canada is a new site dedicated to helping Canadians find debt relief and to offer assistance to help protect against filing for bankruptcy in Canada. According to the site, which only serves Canadians, for those seeking debt relief the process of negotiating with creditors to accept a reduced monthly amount for debt currently owed will now be much simpler because of a new online, self-service tool available through the site.

The site, backed by a consumer credit counseling organization with 25 years of experience helping Canadians reduce and eliminate their debt. Soon it will offer consumers a self-service option never seen before, through DebtCafe Canada, to help them reach their financial goals and lower payments entirely online on their own schedule.

According to the site, instead of trying to manage the cumbersome process of contacting creditors and working through a pile of accounts, DebtCafe Canada can help consumers streamline the process through a simple online application process to connect with a trained counselor who can provide guidance and expertise in eliminating the burden to overpayments.

According to the site, “The streamlined negotiation process will simplify debt consolidation for consumers, and is easily available online. Once an agreement has been made between you and your creditor, the creditor will make an official report to credit agencies stating that the debt has been settled in full, and that you no longer have any debts outstanding with them. Sounds like a dream come true, right?”

In addition, Canadians seeking bankruptcy assistance now have information available to them through DebtCafe Canada, which provides step-by-step instruction for how to navigate the process with the assistance of the site’s professional debt counselors who specialize in debt consolidation in Canada.

According to the site, DebtCafe Canada is committed to ensuring that Canadian consumers find a way to get out of debt without having to declare bankruptcy, or make any large financial sacrifices in their lives.

According to the site, “It may even be that you don't need assistance with your debt. Often times, many people find that just discussing their money problems alone is enough. Professional credit counselors are able to help you organize your finances better, and it may just turn out that you can stretch your budget enough to pay things off by yourself.

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About DebtCafe Canada
DebtCafe Canada is a new site offered to Canadian consumers to help them manage their debt and avoid financial disasters such as bankruptcy. Backed by a consumer credit counseling organization with 25 years in business, it will soon offer a one-of-a-kind self-service credit counseling option never before offered by anyone on the web. The fully automated self-service debt relief is coming soon for Canada only to help consumers lower their debt payments by themselves online.