Asset Signals

New Site Introduces the Web's Only Independent and Automatic Forex Platform

A new online Forex platform, that delivers recommendations on a non-aligned, automated basis, is now available to traders. The subscription-based service is projected to improve the performance of binary option and forex trading.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2014 -- The latest online resources for providing a reliable binary options and Forex platform are moving towards automated delivery of signals to service traders, according to a new website called The site's developers have announced its subscription only service is explicitly developed as an independent algorithmic signal service, that is unaligned with existing Forex systems or options platforms, and is therefore designed to deliver unbiased market recommendations that are 86% or more accurate. The automated delivery of respected analysis and trading insights is expected to reform trading and improve investor performance.

“Computer platforms are increasingly replacing human traders in the currency trading business,” according to IBT Times, “at a time when regulators the world over are probing forex market practices.

Electronic dealing, which accounted for 66% of all foreign exchange transactions in 2013, up from 20% in 2001, is forecast to jump to 76% within five years.” Asset Signals representative Matt Welke reports the intent of such a service is “to give people the power to take over their own investment portfolios. With the right signals, you can't help but improve your returns.”

The website’s sampling of available analysis, say developers, is based on three dozen countries, and multiple stock markets where trading is conducted, thus rapidly automating the delivery of the collated trading signals delivered to subscribers. Previous generations of systems providing an option or Forex platform signal service could be criticized for being too delayed to reflect rapid changes in asset value to be useful for end traders. This innovative use of automated signals and bot trading as a basis for consultation is projected to almost completely eliminate these defects. Observers of the community predict Asset Signals, due to its unique and affiliation-free nature will act as a leading edge site for a better form of Forex investing.