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New Site Pioneers 2.0 Domain Names


Bangkok, Thailand -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2012 -- Recently launched website Domain Raccoon is one of the first of what is likely to become a growing number of “all in one” web portals offering users access to every domain registrar on the planet (including those operating the registries for ICANN’s new gTLDs when they are released).

The difference with the Domain Raccoon site is its whole hearted adoption of the web 2.0 set up to help deliver this offering. Advanced functionality search, independent consumer reviews of different providers, total social integration and heaps of great blog content from “how to” guides through to news and offers, help people select the right TLD and the right provider.

Users can perform a straight domain price comparison as the site lists out the top registrars and shows exactly what TLD each registrar provides for their fee. Additionally the site also lists out each registrar’s features and registrars are searchable by the features you want.

Gone are the days of simply logging on, plucking a TLD out of the air and buying it, before being cast adrift by the vendor to fend for yourself in the large and lonely world of the internet. As many of the big registrars, such as GoDaddy, add layer after layer of additional services and tools on top of their core offering, it becomes ever harder for the small business owner to know who is going to deliver best value for them.

Whilst the addition of extra services, bonuses and tools is surely to be applauded, there is a gap left to be filled for a third party information provider to help a potential buyer pick through the myriad of choices available to them. It was in the recognition of this need that the concept of Domain Raccoon was born, offering transparent comparison of pricing and features, backed up with the voice of the people (customer reviews) and expert advice (on the blog).

In a world where the adoption of an outlandish but usually pointless company name to signify your “new media” status is very much the norm, it comes as a pleasant surprise that the Domain Raccoon moniker is more than just a piece of web 2.0 cutesy.

The brand development team happened upon the concept of the raccoon mascot because of the raccoon’s reputation for being the ultimate sorter of garbage. Not afraid to get its paws dirty, the raccoon is relentless in its pursuit of value in a sea of trash which was the ideal metaphor for a site that hopes to quickly become the one stop shop for all things TLD.

About Domain Raccoon
Setup by Greg Mosk, Domain Raccoon was created after years of working in the domain name industry and enduring a personal struggle to make the correct purchase decision. After countless errors, Greg decided it was time to share what he experienced through this interactive site. Further comment and interviews with Greg or other members of the Domain Raccoon team can be arranged by emailing