New Site Promotes New Tool for Technical Analysis in the Stock Market

The website released new technical indicator Advance Decline Sentiment (ADS) as an alternative to TRIN Arms Index


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2013 -- The website has announced it is releasing a brand-new indicator tool for technical analysis of stock market trading called the "advanced deadline sentiment" or ADS formula. This innovation is featured on the "advance decline" page of the website free of charge, and the description and formula have been made for public consumption, provided that any commercial use includes the credits or reference to Victor Kalitowski and’s site for creating the indicator. Some analysts perceive this is one of the best marketing tools to come along in several years.

The advance decline sentiment was devised in 2008 to indicate what kind of volume changes would occur once, for example, institutional players made a major move within the stock market. While the TRIN arms index partially covered this territory, ADS provides a fuller range of analysis, along with different market indexing scheme to account for critical levels and factors not provided for by TRIN. As the site claims on its homepage, "large institutional money creates significant surges in market volume that buys and sells. Such volume surges always precede price trend reversals. Our indicators tracked the surges."

Kalitowski just that TRIN was developed in 1970 when there were fewer factors of technical analysis in play. “Now, with development of technology,” he notes, “when we have hundreds of various market indexes and high demand on creating automating trading systems, we have to take a fresh look at old tools and create new studies which would cover old ones and which would fit current market requirements.” Other observers of the stop market agree that the metrics and expectations of investors and institutions have changed sufficiently since the 70s to need such an upgrade.

Many stock trading visitors to the site would concur, concerning ADS being a high-quality replacement for TRIN. They would also agree on the relevance of comprehensive analysis insofar as their own training volume is affected by these factors are concerned. also develops and delivers index and stock market charts including variables that no one else makes available, as far as professional traders are concerned. Other factors and tools company has created since 1999 include patented "modulated volume" technology to analyze stock market activity within each business day, and other exclusive technical analysis tools.


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