New Ski and Snowboard Goggle Lens Protector Released

A simple and elegant new way to protect ski and snowboard goggle lenses, known as "Ripclear” has just been released by the company that goes by the same name, Ripclear. With a first of a kind product and over 20 million skiers and snowboarders in the United States, there is no doubt Ripclear has the clear solution.


Bend, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2014 -- According to Zach Hines and Ryan Doherty, both founders of Ripclear, their pre-order launch for the ski and snowboard goggle lens protectors offers 3, 5, 10, 25 packs or a Ripclear Season Pass so skiers, snowboarders, and other goggle users can protect multiple lenses or buy multiple and share them with friends on the mountain. The team currently has a crowdfunding campaign for pre-orders and has been enjoying the early success their campaign has gained to date.

“With this lens protecting film and cleaning kit, skiers and snowboarders will be happy to get their hands on a first of a kind product to protect goggle lenses. It’s a true ‘blue ocean market’ and we’re the first one there to protect double curving “bubble lenses” without a post system!” said Hines.

The Ripclear lens protector, whose perimeter shape is optimized for extreme double curving surfaces, which many goggles have today, prevents damage or scratched lenses from ever happening. According to Doherty, users don’t need to worry about scratches while they’re crushing it on the mountain, carving in the powder or slashing through the woods.

“Just apply our universal design to any goggle lens and you'll be able to ride and travel care free — no more scratches in your vision,” added the product spokesmen, who additionally said Ripclear has been rigorously developed for one reason and that is to do something that's genuinely superior in a ‘blue ocean market’, first.
"It's taken a year to get to this point and we've tested, tested, and tested some more. We're confident our product will work for you by keeping your lenses clear and scratch free. "

With a promise of optically clear vision, Ripclear lets riders ride with clear vision when it matters most on that big run, epic line, or in that winner-take-all race. Ripclear provides a clear solution for protecting your lens when wiping snow and ice from your lens while also protecting your lens from normal wear and tear and possible travel damage.

Hines also noted Ripclear is all about optical clarity and protection. “We know there are times after you apply your rip but before you are riding when you might scratch, rub, or touch your lens diminishing the optical clarity you want, so wait to pull the outer protective application layer until you’re on the mountain then, Ripclear and ride” he added.

According to Hines, Ripclear’s story started because of one issue, lens rash.

“We’ve all experienced it, the $100 pair of goggles ruined because of one careless drop, forgetting your protective bag on your big trip, hitting the glades and that tree branch, or by just wiping your lens (and scratching it) in the wintry mix on the summit,” he explained.

As snowboarders, skiers, ski shops, ski and snowboard magazines, ski and snowboard online retailers, and ski resort operators know, lens rash is a real problem. As a result, Hines, Doherty, and his colleagues decided they’d do something about it, and so started working on a solution.

“We tested and tested until we found a solution that worked, and that’s how we designed and developed Ripclear,” said Doherty.

For further information, please visit their website:, or their crowdfunding campaign to pre-order at:

About Ripclear
The Ripclear team has been hard at work developing this first of a kind product for protecting goggle lenses. Ripclear is based in New York, NY and Bend, Oregon. Their home mountain is Mount Bachelor in Bend, Oregon and Mt. Bachelor is their primary testing ground where they have developed and tested Ripclear to date. Their goal is laser focused on one thing, to stop lens rash with Ripclear lens protectors.

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