New Social Media App Incommon Is to Be Released Later This Year

InCommon helps individuals to find kindred souls and share their ideas with them.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2014 -- InCommon is a great new app that connects people in social media sites. It is focused on helping people create new connections and relationships based on their common interests and hobbies.

Communication is a gift that more and more people today start to highly value, especially when they communicate with people who have related interests. Talking with such people and making them their friends can be very beneficial, as they can enrich one’s experience, knowledge and opportunities to create or grow.

InCommon is created to help like-minded people connect with each other and become friends. With this special app, they can always find a good friend to accompany them when they visit an art gallery, instead of going there alone, or find a friend with whom they can go to skydive, although none of their current friends want to join them at this kind of sport.

Whatever people’s hobby might be, they will start connecting with others who have the same interests and preferences. The app is highly beneficial for people, who would like to find their future lover, as they will be able to focus on what they have in common with that person. This is a new and improved alternative to the dating websites that mainly focus on how people look.

InCommon app is user-friendly and beautifully designed. Its precise and powerful algorithmic system for matching people by their interests ensures that with the tap of a button, the customer will be able to find many like-minded people and choose any of them to connect and make a new friendship.

By doing this, people will be able to broaden their social circle and surround themselves with people who make them feel happier, motivated and creative. Sharing a common passion with these people and having a common goal with them ensures that they will lay a foundation of a long-lasting friendship that will make them feel valuable.

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About GetInCommon
GetInCommon strives to make this world more pleasurable place to live in, creating beneficial app that can connect people worldwide with common interests. It opens new opportunities before the fans of any sport, hobby, lifestyle, celebrity, etc. to find people who think like them.

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