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New Social Media Platform Based on a 3D Virtual Replica of the Earth to Be Launched This Year


Boca Raton, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2014 -- A new social media platform called TimeWalk is set to be launched this year. According to the developers, it will be based on a 3D virtual replica of the entire Earth. The platform, which is expected to be released to the public by the end of 2014, will allow users to teleport to any place in the world, become virtually immortal or create their own 3D shop or 3D version of their home.

The central point of TimeWalk, at least for the users, is the humanoid. A humanoid is a 3D avatar that will look exactly like its human creator. The humanoid can walk, talk and interact with other avatars and objects within TimeWalk.

One of the abilities of this avatar is to passively learn the behavior of the owner and to emulate his or her personality. The end purpose is for the avatar to be able to hold an independent speech or interact independently with other avatars without the aid of the owner. The humanoid will preserve memories and can be accessed by family and friends. This feature makes realistic interactions with people who have passed away possible.

The humanoids, or avatars, will be created in what is wanted to be a complete replica of the entire Earth that will be developed over time. Realistic renderings of cities and buildings will be added first. Users can contribute by scanning their own homes or buildings and adding them into TimeWalk. The platform will function almost exactly like the real world. There will be offices, apartment buildings, houses and parks. People will go shopping, attend events, and real-estate will be available for purchase.

The 3D virtual reality of TimeWalk is, according to the team, entirely possible as complete 3D renderings of houses, buildings, neighborhoods and even entire cities are already available. They can, with some modification, be explored, provided the right platform is available.

3D scanning of an environment is already possible and artificial intelligence algorithms are being perfected. The team has already been able to create look-alike avatars, make them explore a 3D environment and communicate with one another.

A demo of TimeWalk will be available no later than June 15. Users will have free access to the platform and a paid version is also being discussed.

According to the team, TimeWalk will be accessed with laptops, computers, smartphones and tablets, but also with devices like Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset, that was recently acquired by Facebook.

“We believe that TimeWalk will be an important social media platform and much more. Our users will be able to use it to upload 3D content, create 3D shops, go shopping, meet with friends, communicate and travel instantly.” said Daniel Popa the founder and initiator of the project, a well-versed tech entrepreneur. “TimeWalk is reality on steroids and it`s nothing like any other platform available today.” added Mr. Popa.

TimeWalk is now in development and the team is looking for funding options. A crowdfunding campaign will be launched this May along with the demo of the platform that will allow users to create their look-alike avatar, explore the streets of New York, and communicate with other users. The exact date of the launch and more details are available on the TimeWalk website.

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TimeWalk is a complete and realistic 3D virtual replica of the entire Earth and a social media platform.

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