New Social Media Tool for Businesses - Social Media Coach in Your Pocket

Social Calendar helps businesses plan and execute a social media strategy. The platform reminds them when and how to update their Facebook and Twitter without overloading them with ‘how-to’ information and messages.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2013 -- Social Calendar takes the user by the hand and guides them through each step of a social media strategy. It begins with the basics of setting up a profile with a professional presence and progresses into developing and executing the strategy. Each week the user receives the next bit of information to improve the strategy and reminders to execute it.

The goal is for the business owner to develop an understanding of social media and execute their social calendar, while having more than enough time to focus on their business. This is done by breaking down the information and strategy into bite-sized reminders.

Business owners can gain early access by signing-up now at: This gives them early access to the “Pocket Checklist.” Additionally, those that sign-up before the Official Launch (September 23rd) can register for only $60 for the year - at least 75% off.

“Social Calendar was created because several clients struggled with keeping their accounts consistently active. We want to give businesses a platform to develop and execute a strategy. Social media is a full-time job and business owners’ just don’t have the time to keep up with it. That’s where Social Calendar steps in and reminds them to stay in the game and keep active.” - Lisa McTigue


Based in: Los Angeles

Co-Founder: Lisa McTigue

Co-Founder: Joelle McTigue