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New Social Media Website Showcasing Creative Talents in an Anti-Bullying Arena


Toronto, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/02/2013 -- 321 Fame, a new social media website showcasing various talents, has been released. It is unique in providing its users with a platform to showcase their talents and encouraging constructive engagement between its members with a strictly adhered to an anti-bullying policy.

The site’s talent base is diverse including dancing, music, singing, acting, sports, creative arts and design, to name a few. Members of 321 Fame can create profiles, upload videos, and find talent. Members are encouraged to provide constructive comments to other members with the intention to grow and develop talent. A tough anti-bullying policy is an organic outgrowth of the site’s basic premise, and not just a side note.

Cofounder and former NHL player Georges Laraque explains that “Other social media sites have missed the very important point that you cannot foster talent in the midst of hurtful and hateful comments. 321 Fame embraces all sorts of talent and will only accept constructive criticism that allows people to grow.” Laraque continues “This is a bully free website. If you are going to put yourself out there, it should not happen in a bull’s eye.”

The site is monitored and members are encouraged to report bullying to moderators. The anti-bullying statement can be found on the site at Questions concerning this policy can be directed to CEO Aaron Thomas and/or Director of Communications Dennis Badeen

About 321 Fame
Founded in 2013, 321 Fame is the internet’s most comprehensive showcase for talent from across the world. 321 Fame is the only site that combines a celebration of talent with a strict anti-bullying policy to ensure that its members can grow, encourage and learn from each other. For more information go to

Aaron Thomas, CEO