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New Social Network for Connecting Entrepreneurs with Investors 'Angels & Dragons'


Victoria, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2013 -- Entrepreneurs normally face major challenges finding appropriate Investors who are inclined to review an Entrepreneurs' business proposals and provide capital funding.

In fact, it's such a 'rare' and 'interesting' phenomenon that there are now several prime- time TV shows that focus on the initial investment meetings of Entrepreneurs and Investors.

A new social networking website in pre-launch ‘Angels & Dragons’ promises to solve the problem by creating a large, growing network of Entrepreneurs and Investors, according to the companies core value proposition to it’s users. In an interview available on YouTube the Founder of Angels & Dragons, Don Dobbie explains how “Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to quickly and easily initiate equity investment conversations with a large number of interested Investors, greatly increasing the likelihood that their venture will be funded.”

Angels & Dragons offers up a steady supply of new opportunities for savvy Investors, attracting the attention of would-be ‘armchair dragons’ and hedge fund managers alike. The social network gives anybody the ability to assume the roll of venture capital Investor, with no minimum net worth requirement to get started. Angles & Dragons permits VCs to have custom filtered communication with Owners of privately held companies and Inventors, in private, or in a public forum attached to the user’s profile.

The Aim of Angels & Dragons is to Improve Entrepreneur’s Lives

Without becoming involved in the sale of businesses or partnership agreements, Angels& Dragons focuses on: initial communication between parties, protecting the intellectual property of Entrepreneurs and protecting the identities of all the parties. Angels & Dragons strongly encourages users to employ appropriate professional services once an equity investment conversation moves into a ‘due diligence’ phase.

The difference Angels & Dragons aims to make in the lives of Entrepreneurs is the difference between failure and success, as funding is often the tipping point of a venture. By giving Venture Capitalists an easy way to find new businesses to fund, Angels & Dragons helps to create new jobs and stimulate an overall positive effect on local economies. Prudent advertisers are also looking into early opportunities with the Social Network since every successful connection on Angels & Dragons can generate thousands of dollars in professional service needs from both Entrepreneurs and Investors.

Angels & Dragons is currently employing the service of online crowd-funding platform Indiegogo during it’s pre-launch phase. The campaign features BETA access to the Angels & Dragons Social Network for between $5 – $30, discounted annual memberships, and early-bird advertising starting at $15. The 60-day fundraiser was launched on June 14th, 2013 with limited availability on some donation perks: only 250 1st round BETA Entrepreneur accounts, 250 1st round BETA Investor accounts, and 1000 Linkedin advertising placements will be created. Another campaign perk being offered is ‘early access’ to affiliate marketers, Angels & Dragons promises to pay 20% commissions on all sales.

More information about Angels & Dragons can be found by visiting it’s Indiegogo campaign at

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