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Mumbai, Maharashtra -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2013 -- India is the leading democracy of the world, as well as has a free and thriving media by which the diversity of opinion and expression is encouraged. India has the benefit of being an English-speaking nation in a world, and on a universal web, where English is the leading language. This facilitates better access to web resources. The nation has a booming information technology sector .Additionally; the technology-oriented abilities and knowledge of skilled workers in India enlarge the latent of spreading technological skills and access to poorer sectors.

The ‘social media savvy’ has turned into synonymous with today’s Indian generation. About two third of Indians spend time on online. Different social networking sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube etc. Even the fashions of sending their personal emails seem to have become out of date as compared to the social media. But, why is the social media becoming so fashionable in India? Live chat, status updates, interaction, image and video sharing are few of the key aspects that play significant role in the popularity of the social media. Alternatively, the customer’s responses, brand awareness and interaction are the major fact for the companies to use the social media in India as well as around the world. Thereby, numerous roles played by the social media beyond its center role of mere communicating information’s are leading to its recognition.

By December 2013, the users of social media in urban India had got to 72 million. A rapid availability of mobile and smartphones Internet has directed to a spurt in the usage of social media. All the business enterprise in India typically relies on the social media to appreciate their consumer base, interaction and for brand awareness.

Social networking sites in india is not only restricted to you and me but also to the politicians as well. Through the special activities of politics, politicians and publics of India have brought this social media into the main limelight. It is predictable that social media can play a vast role and influence the coming general elections to a major extent.

Function of social media in consumer market and in business in India can’t be undermined. It is the transform in consumers’ manners that is changing the responsibility of the social media in India. With the time, the use of social media has seen a radical change from fun to fun plus marketing and knowledge. Therefore, Facebook is the most vital social media platform for business purposes as there is customers’ involvement, followed by the Twitter, blogging and YouTube. The Social media is used by several brands to build good communities for spreading news as well as interaction.

The Social media and recruitment process are now going hand in hand since the social media has become the integral part of the recruiting firms. These firms are now using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to find innovative employees and skills.

Among other developing countries, India is well poised to tie together the capabilities of the Web 2.0 and social networking for the development purposes.

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