New Social Networking Site for Those with a Passion for Fashion

Fashion Lovers Can Follow What Is On-Trend with New Website, OutfitJudge.com


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2013 -- OutfitJudge.com is a social network site which connects and brings together the world of fashion from the casual shopper to the full-blown fashionista. This site caters to both women and men who share similar (or different) interests in the world of fashion across the globe. It is also home to fashion retailers who are just as passionate about fashion.

Outfitjudge.com has some very unique features such as you can “judge” other members outfit styles and unique clothing ideas. No matter if they are fashion professionals and just individuals who live and breathe fashion! Though, it is not only “fashionistas” who can benefit from joining the site, online retailers can now tap into a hotbed of their demographics.

Retailers, brands, and service providers now have the ability to promote their marketing programs and concepts directly to their target consumers. By joining Outfit Judge as a partner, and by using Outfit Judge to distribute deals, coupons, and other special offerings, retailers are now able to develop relationships with their desired demographic for a nominal fee.

Outfitjudge.com business partners now benefit from the wealth of daily feedback that is generated by Outfit Judge Members. When a community of fashion-forward thinkers reveal their interests and share their opinions, fashion marketers gain valuable market research and data that can used to further improve their brands.

The site is the creation of David Maebane of Chicago, Illinois. Maebane earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Northern Illinois, University, where he played football while working extensively in retail management. David has worked for large consumer goods marketers like Frito and Pepsi, and is presently in operations management for one of the nation’s largest retailers.

Outfitjudge.com is also host to the Future of Fashion community of fashion students and designers who will share their interests, influences, and their portfolios. Future of Fashion allows fashion students to communicate with other fashion forward thinkers, and to give their own work greater exposure. This becomes especially simple with a network full of fashion lovers, as is the case with Outfitjudge.com.

The activities that site members can do include uploading their personal photos, their questions, their comments, and by responding (in a positive way) to the postings of others. Members can now participate in activities sponsored by commercial members of the site, if they so choose.

The site’s plan for ideal website demographics include the primary age demographic of the 17-34 young adult segment. Gender breakdown will likely be primarily females at first, with the goal of gradually moving to 60% females and 40% males. Socioeconomic groups is set to be school-aged young adults living at home or supported by family, as well as employed middle-income adults. Geographic groups that the site will focus on are urban and campus environments, but web retailing means that rural and small town targets are an important source for previously untapped growth as well.

For more information, please visit our website at http://www.Outfitjudge.com.