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New Software Company PMP Legal Attorney-Focused Services Is Now Open for Business


Laguna Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2012 -- PMP Legal, a full service law firm internet marketing company, recently opened for business.

The company offers law firms of all sizes an array of internet marketing services and strategies designed to increase their web presence, customer base, and revenue.

In order to succeed in today’s very competitive legal market, it is vital for the online presence of law firms to have the flexibility of month to month contracts, geographical exclusivity, unlimited edits, and most importantly, results.

PMP Legal offers a new software platform that features these important exclusive territories and dominant placement to attorneys. In addition, the company has revolutionary lead nurturing tools and can handle high-end website creation along with unlimited edits and help with search engine marketing.

“We’ve designed our Google campaigns based on Google AdWords to maximize the effectiveness of Google,” an article on the new company’s website explained, adding that right now, 94 percent of a law firm’s online new customers will begin their search for the firm or services utilizing a search engine.

“Google Paid Search, aka Google AdWords dominates 82% of the US market. 94% x 82% = 77% of the online market. Thus, we do everything we can to purchase all we can on Google on your behalf. To achieve this we bid aggressively with an open daily budget on Google.”

In order to maximize a law firm’s experience on Google, PMP Legal provides a vast array of features including maximum first page exposure, web design, cost-based pricing, unlimited clicks, free mobile websites, flat rate billing, and much more.

While PMP Legal’s competitors are contending that no company can promise things like unlimited clicks, the new company actually is able to do just that. It is the only business that opens the daily limit when it bids for a client’s position on Google. PMP Legal estimates what it will cost to place a law firm’s ads on Google for all of the time each day, and then it will set the daily spending limits on Google for many times that number. As a result, even if customers click on the ads numerous times, they will not be taken down during the course of the day. And if competitors come along and try clicking on ads, PMP Legal can deal with “click fraud” very effectively.

About PMP Legal
PMP Legal is a full service Internet marketing company providing law firms of all sizes with an array of internet marketing services and strategies designed to increase their web presence, customer base, and revenue. The new company features an innovative software platform that can help law firms with a variety of internet-related needs. For more information, please visit http://www.pmplegal.com