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New Software Helps Marketers Create Stunning 'YouTube One' Channel Art

‘Instant Social Presence: Tube Edition’ is serving as a saving grace to marketers who don’t want to lose their graphics and branding during June 5th’s ‘YouTube One’ channel update. Allowing anyone with no technical skills to create bold and stunning YouTube One channel art in just four minutes, the software is equipping thousands to profitably exploit YouTube’s new layout.


Paris, France -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2013 -- While millions of marketers are excited about YouTube’s upcoming ‘YouTube One’ mandatory channel layout update, many risk losing their current graphics, branding and eventually subscribers. However, a new software program from YMB Properties allows anyone to perfectly prepare for the update and improve user engagement.

‘Instant Social Presence: Tube Edition’ uses a simple drag-and-drop WYSIWYG interface that gives anyone the skills and tools they need to create amazing looking YouTube One channel art art that will seamlessly integrate with the new layout and specifications.

With each design boasting cross-adaptability to mobile devices, laptops, tablets and even internet-enabled televisions, the software is calming the nerves of thousands of marketers who risked losing their branding when the update kicks in on June 5th.

The CEO of the company behind the YouTube One channel art creator explains more.

“The YouTube One update will really revolutionize the platform and how it can support any business. However, it also poses a challenge for YouTube marketers, because the new layout requires specific branding images which are very hard to create unless you are a whizz designer,” says Bertrand Diouly Osso.

Adding, “We’ve been working day and night to create a simple software package that allows anyone to create these graphics with ease. This will make it incredibly easy for YouTube marketers to create their branding and adapt to YouTube One , the new radically changed layout. On top of that marketers may use the tool to offer channel redesign services to other small businesses who use YouTube and who may need assistance.”

Those channels that don’t convert to the new format will be left with no channel art and be forced to adapt on the spot. Due to this, Osso urges all marketers to prepare in advance for a seamless transition.

YouTube One brings a huge learning curve with it, so all marketers are advised to learn what’s new and create their graphics ahead of time, so their messages and audience are not disrupted,” he adds.

Each purchase of the YouTube One channel art creator comes with extensive training that will give all customers the knowledge they need to learn about YouTube One’s new features, differences and how to use them to the benefit of any business. With four thousand copies already sold, YMB properties have assembled a dedicated world-class support team to guide customers through each faltering step.

Once again, it’s up to each user to prepare in advance for the YouTube One update, with the June 5th deadline looming.

To find out more about Instant Social Presence: Tube Edition and to purchase a copy before it’s too late, visit: http://instantsocialpresence.com/youtube

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