New Software Promises to 'Shake Up' Programmer Recruitment Process


Zagreb, Croatia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2014 -- TestDome LTD. today announced the launch of a new online recruitment software designed to help employers test the programming ability of potential employees.

The TestDome recruitment software has been designed to cut down on the amount of time that employers need to dedicate to filtering through scores of resumes. This online test service provides employers with the ability to test the programming credentials of applicants in a real-world testing environment.

TestDome allows employers to generate questions for prospective candidates online. These questions can then be emailed directly to the candidate for them to answer. The questions generated by the software will enable the employer to test the practical abilities of a candidate.

TestDome aims to test the real-world abilities of a candidate. This means asking questions based around situations that an applicant may be faced with whilst employed. This includes testing the ability to debug large amounts of complex code or even asking the candidate to determine what the function of a particular string is.

“TestDome has been designed to alleviate one of the biggest concerns of almost every piece of online testing software—the fact that it is far too easy to cheat your way to success. Many pieces of software ask multiple choice questions which can be answered in a matter of minutes by using the search engines. This does not really test the ability of the candidate. Our software is different though; we ask questions that can't easily be answered online. It would take a real programming expert to answer the questions successfully. This means that we are confident that any employer who utilizes the software will find it easy to find the right candidate for the job,” Zeljko Svedic, cofounder of the TestDome LTD, said today.

Currently, the TestDome software is able to generate online tests for both Java and C# Programming Languages. More languages, including HTL, CSS, JavaScript, iOS, Android, and PHP are to be added later in the year. The price per test generated is currently set at $10 per candidate.

The TestDome recruitment software is a product of TestDome LTD. You may find out more about the company and software at You may also direct any specific questions to Zeljko Svedic at

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