New Software Release: Color Magic, Tool to Assist Internet Marketers, Web Designers, Everyday Users

Tool to Assist Internet Marketers, Web Designers and Everyday Users with Creating unique, coloured versions of graphics and images.


Hampshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- Creating unique, colored versions of graphics and images will be instant and easy with Color Magic, a new PC software designed to simplify and automate a variety of Internet marketing tasks.

“In the world of online marketing, colors are a powerful tool that can be used to entice and engage a target audience,” said Steve Mackay, Color Magic software developer and longtime Internet marketer and Web designer. “Bounce rates skyrocket when a site’s design or images fail to grab the attention of visitors.”

Businesses have used the correlation between human behavior and color, termed ‘color psychology,’ for decades. For example, the color red is intense and emotionally stirring, yellow is lively, energetic and often used to heighten curiosity, and blue denotes trust. Because of this correlation, the strategic use of color is essential.

Website and banner design can be a time-consuming and tedious task. Color Magic is unique in that it allows designers and marketers to edit all colors of any image, at the same time, using simple controls. The software also works with png files that support transparency, as well as normal jpeg images -- making it easy to layer or change graphics on top of a background image.

“The right color combination makes all the difference,” Mackay continues. “You’ve got a mere 4-10 seconds to keep a website visitor interested. Color Magic is designed to make our job that much easier.”

Beginning on 17 December 2012, buyers will be able to purchase Color Magic at the introductory rate of US $7 in the Warrior Special Offers forum. The package comes with bonus graphics, such as Twitter images and call-to-action buttons, as well as free, online technical support. More information is available on the company website:

About Color Magic Software
Developed by Steve Mackay and designed to make the world of Internet marketing easier, Color Magic software allows users to make unique versions of images, in different colors and sizes, with a single slider control.

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