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New South Florida Drug, Alcohol Rehab Center ‘Into Action Treatment’ Offers Solution Based Healing


Boynton Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2012 -- More than 23 million Americans struggle with some type of alcohol or drug addiction, and yet only 11 percent seek treatment.

These addictions not only affect the person struggling with the disease, but also all of the friends, family members and co-workers who interact with the person.

While overcoming an addiction is not an easy accomplishment, choosing to enter a treatment facility is the first, essential step in the recovery process.

Into Action Treatment, located in Boynton Beach, FL, is a beautiful new Florida drug rehab center offering solution focused treatment to help drug addicts and alcoholics recover from addiction, permanently. Featuring a 45 or more day program specifically tailored to each individual addict or alcoholic, the Florida rehab center is professionally licensed and accredited by the Florida Department of Children and Family Services. It provides world-class care and, most importantly, recovery through its wide range of intensive therapies and supplemental activities.

For anyone looking for top-notch alcohol rehab in Florida, Into Action Treatment brings each client into a complete recovery through the introduction of spiritual awakening and the knowledge that taking action brings about desired change.

“At Into Action Treatment, we take a different approach to drug and alcohol addiction than the average treatment center,” states Andrey Rossin, CEO and Founder of Into Action Treatment. “While we know how serious addiction is and that it needs to be treated, we know that it can be overcome. We want everyone who is suffering with this affliction to realize that there is a way out and that way out is through action. Action leads to recovery and while most other treatment centers are a nice refuge, they do little to address the issue at its core, which is the only way for one to truly recover.”

In addition to offering thorough therapy sessions, the drug rehab in Florida features a host of supplemental activities to assist people on their path to a new life, including yoga and meditation, acupuncture, massage therapy, art therapy, hypnotherapy and more.

Located close to the ocean and the recovering community of Delray Beach, Into Action Treatment has financial programs available for all patients and provides an extensive Alumni Outpatient program to further assist people through the process of recovery.

The Florida rehab facility also offers intervention services for families or friends interested in helping an addict or alcoholic enter treatment and start living again.

For more information, visit http://DrugRehabFlorida.co

About Into Action Treatment
Located in Boynton Beach, FL, Into Action Treatment is a state licensed and accredited Florida drug rehab center. The facility provides intensive inpatient rehabilitation services to drug addicts and alcoholics with solution focused treatment. Featuring professional healthcare services to those in need, Into Action Treatment offers a wide range of intensive therapies and supplemental activities to help people recover, permanently.