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New South Florida Entertainment Company Lucre Media Group Signs Rising Hip Hop Music Artist Pre'T Boi Huss


Hollywood, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2014 -- South Florida has a new Entertainment company on the scene, Lucre Media Group, who have announced they are now representing hot Hollywood, Florida hip hop star Pre'T Boi Huss.

It takes a special kind of company to make an immediate impact on the entertainment scene the minute they open their doors. That's certainly the case with South Florida based Lucre Media Group who incorporated in early March and almost immediately announced that red hot hip hop prospect Pre'T Boi Huss had signed to their team.

Lu, the spokesperson from the company said, “We're all about working with the best Florida has to offer in entertainment from music to movies and everything in between. There's no better place to start than Pre'T Boi Huss. Lucre is the new movement and Pre'T Boi Huss is the force behind it.”

Lucre Media Group has an interesting and unique story to tell. Founded by two bothers united by their love for hip hop and other entertainment they present a true family business in all of the best ways. Working together comes natural for them and, in fact, they view the artists they sign as an extension of their family that they put their whole heart into.

“When you are doing something with your blood it has a deeper meaning. This isn't just a business to us. It's a way of life and we plan on it making a real serious mark soon. We're united with our artists, we're all in this together.”

In Florida and beyond Pre'T Boi Huss has been the topic of conversation in both the entertainment industry and among hip hop fans. An early student of old school greats like Boot Camp Click and Kool G Rap, Huss has forged a unique style that combines the best of crafty lyricism and the ability to pull in listeners with hypnotic hooks. To say he's building a following is a severe understatement.

John Q., a music blogger commented after seeing a recent YouTube video of Huss, “He's on fire. I have no doubt that he is going to do serious, serious things in the industry. Counting the days until his new release. I've heard some leaks and they are really, really hot!”

Lucre Media Group has a full release by the star scheduled for April 1, 2014, a professionally recorded mix tape, RTD: Rich 'Til Death, and everything points towards it being both a huge artistic and commercial success.

While the streets are counting the minutes for this Huss / Lucre Media Group release, their interest keeps being fed by a steady flow of online freestyles and sound bites that have shown just how ferocious Huss is on the mike and the serious beats he has backing him up. Let's just say his future looks bright!

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