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New Startup in Sydney, NSW, Australia Releases Uniquely Designed Pillow to Help Relieve Neck Pain


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2015 -- A new startup business has launched in Australia called Briar Rose Pillows selling a uniquely designed gel infused memory foam pillows that may help relieve chronic neck and back pain. The pillows offered by Briar Rose are also designed to help boost the duration and quality of sleep for the user.

The creator of these pillows is a chronic sufferer of neck and back pain which lead him research on the different possibilities of fixing his symptoms. Upon intensive research, he found that he was not suffering alone and existing pillows were not adequately service these people. From that point, Briar Rose was created, a pillow for neck pains.

There is a prevalent issue of chronic neck pain and poor sleep quality faced by people in Australia. These problems are generally symptoms of poor sleeping posture and incorrect spinal alignment originating from low quality pillows. Unfortunately, despite the symptoms, suffers continue to use their low quality pillows as purchasing a new one it is virtually impossible in the cluttered market place of ergonomic pillows.

Briar Rose pillows provides a solution to sufferers of chronic neck pain, offering a simple yet ergonomically designed pillow to help improve sleep quality. Beyond relieving neck and back pain, Briar Rose pillows may also help maintain correct sleeping posture improving blood flow and ease of breathing.

About Briar Rose Pillows
Briar Rose is a Sydney based start up founded by a frustrated Aussie with neck and back pains due to a bad relationship with his pillow. When shopping for pillows, he discovered very quickly that the market was filled with generic basic pillows that were cheap but does not provide the support needed for quality sleep. The experience was frustrating and the sheer number of choices often left you dumb founded.

At that moment, Briar Rose was born, an alternative to your mass market pillows, we have crafted our pillows with the love and care that only a sufferer of poor sleep can give. Our pillows combine both form, function and quality into a simple offering. A pillow that simply gives you the sleep you deserve.

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Francis Lee
Company: Briar Rose Pillows
Address: Sydney, NSW, Australia