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New Stats Signify the Importance of Energy Efficiency


Blackburn, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2013 -- New statistics and research have revealed the positive effects that installing energy efficient changes to a property can have. The statistics demonstrate both the environmental and financial benefits that the property owner can enjoy as a direct result of implementing energy efficient alterations. The research carried out by property surveyor and green energy specialist EPCarlson demonstrates the most effective investments that can be made in green energy.

With the costs of running a home going through the roof, it is more important than ever to make savings where possible. The graphic shows that electricity and gas costs have grown a staggering 45% since 2007. The average household is now spending an average of £479 a year on electricity and £800 on gas.

Using an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), these annual costs can be cut. The EPC demonstrates how much energy a property is using and how much that energy efficient changes can reduce this. Reducing the energy usage can lower the costs and the level of harmful emissions that are created by energy inefficient homes.

The EPC measures properties on a scale from A-G with A being the most energy efficient and G the least. The certificate determines where changes can be made to move the property up the energy efficiency rankings and improve its performance.

Simple alterations to the home such as installing new and efficient insulation through all of the walls and in the loft or replacing inefficient bulbs with energy efficient alternatives. The research team discovered that simple loft insulation can save a household upwards of £180 a year and £83 a year can be saved by using insulation to fill wall cavities. In total, the UK could save £720m in the next year by installing effective wall insulation.

The environmental benefits of making energy efficient changes to the home are just as impressive and the financial advantages. Simply moving the EPC rating of a home from G to E can reduce the home’s emissions from 22 tonnes of carbon dioxide to a mere 8 tonnes. Almost two thirds of the harmful emissions can be immediately cut with simple energy performance changes.

The surveyors hope that the research presented in the form of an informative graphic will help property owners throughout the UK make changes to reduce their monthly costs and help keep the environment healthy.