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New Study by Founders of "Gym for Your Career" Claims: "For a Career That Stands out and Gets Noticed, Confidence Is the Catalyst"

Known worldwide for their expertise in leadership and career development, Steven Smith and David Marcum have teamed-up once more to release the new book, “Catalyst”, an examination of the role confidence plays in talent and career advancement.


Salt Lake City, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2014 -- Over a span of eight years, founders of ‘G5 Learning’ Steven Smith and David Marcum, conducted a comprehensive study of 8,000 people in over 1,200 organizations, and the results are clear: when it comes to professional success and climbing the corporate ladder, confidence is the linchpin.

In their new book, Catalyst, Smith and Marcum detail the study’s ramifications for the world of work, teach readers how to bridge the gap between what they want and what they can do, and detail the social science behind what the authors call “pure confidence.”

“Humility, openness, empathy, and transparency are stronger elements of confidence than swagger, bravado and competitiveness,” says Smith. “Pure confidence is stronger than the tentativeness of being timid, and it’s smarter than the bluster of being arrogant. It’s vital to know the difference and to act accordingly.”

Smart, succinct and exhaustively researched, Catalyst is a wake-up call for young professionals struggling to achieve their goals, and a fascinating study of the reason why some human beings attain levels of brilliance, while others fall short.

Official Synopsis:
Everyone wonders where their true strengths lie. Each year millions devote themselves to discovering those strengths for the first time, and building those strengths into true potential. What most people don’t realize is the level of confidence it takes to get there.
And that limits them.
In spite of decades of clichés and motivational speeches about confidence, true confidence has a radically different set of rules than what tradition tells us. As perhaps the greatest catalyst of human achievement, one that has the capacity to impact everything we do to realize potential, confidence deserves a closer look and undivided attention.
Based on an eight-year study of human strengths and confidence, Catalyst reveals the true confidence that sets top performers apart from everyone else. Discover the social science that redefines what it means to be confident, and get infinitely more from your strengths in every aspect of your career and life.
Industry leaders have praised the information shared within the book.
“Intelligent and wise,” from Amy Edmondson, Harvard University.

“…should be required reading in every MBA program,” from Christine Pearson, Ph.D. Thunderbird School of Global Management.

“Blends cutting-edge research with wisdom from being in the game,” from Scott E. Page, Ph.D. University of Michigan.

For the authors, Catalyst is the sum-total of everything they work toward with their clients, and the members of G5 Learning, a website that has been deemed “the gym for your career.”

“Confidence changes everything it touches: job interviews, first impressions, presentations, meetings, conversations and decisions,” says Marcum. “No matter how smart, talented, unique, or driven our resume says we are, confidence fuels our fate. That’s the fuel behind G5 Learning’s fire – to hammer home that in shaping what people can achieve and eventually become, competence has gaps that only confidence can bridge.”

As Smith says, “Across business, politics and relationships, the principles of true confidence are often the deciding factor between success and failure. Collectively, the fate of too many companies, jobs, ideas, and countries hinge on whether or not we can replace outdated and me-centered behavior with a modern, socially intelligent approach to change cultures and politics.”

Catalyst is available now: http://www.g5learning.com/catalyst

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About Steven Smith and David Marcum
Driven by relentless curiosity, and with degrees in Psychology and Management, Marcum and Smith have been published by Simon & Schuster in 24 languages in over 50 countries.

Their work has reached hundreds of thousands of people across the world, including organizations like Microsoft, Disney, Cox Communications, Halliburton, Red Envelope, and featured by CBS MarketWatch, BusinessWeek, U.S. News and World Report, and Portfolio.

Marcum and Smith are cofounders of G5 Learning, a company dedicated to help young professionals build career capital and realize their potential.