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New Study by Top Translation Agency Suggests Italian Immigration Having Big Impact


Greater London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2014 -- A new study by a top London translation agency could suggest that the millions of Britons who flock to Florence, Rome and Naples each year could find a slice of Italy much closer to home this summer.

Translation Services 24 has been analysing demand for various languages at each of its offices around the world and as part of its research, has uncovered a surge in the number of Italian translations produced in its London branch over the last 12 months.

Further analysis has revealed that a tidal wave of young graduates is departing Italy, with professionals and job seekers packing up and heading for a new life in the UK in their thousands. In 2004, barely a fraction of the national insurance numbers issued to foreigners made their way into Italian hands, today they represent one of the largest recipients. In the latest official figures, net migration of Italians to the UK jumped by 52% in 2013, up to 39,400 in the year to September.

With many immigrants choosing to leave Italy after graduating in order to job search in Great Britain, the advent of Italians planning a long term stay is having a direct impact on the day-to-day working lives of language professionals. Translation Services 24 research shows that demand and supply have grown astronomically in the last 12 months. It suggests that the increased need for Italian translations of legal documents such as birth and marriage certificates has led to a notable increase in supply – meaning more Italian to English translators are springing up on the back of the southern European influx. With this increased competition and wider access to Italian translators, the agency has also noted a fall in prices and now pegs Italian translation as cheaper than many other languages.

CEO of the translation and international marketing agency, Kiran Adatia said, “Italy’s youth unemployment rate has reached record highs in the last few months with 41.2% of job seekers between 15 and 24 years old out of work. This is the highest ever level since records began in 1977 and is one of the primary reasons why the last few months have seen such a shift in immigration trends. With political conflicts littering the path to recovery it’s no surprise that cities like London are an attractive option.

Particularly over the course of the last three or four months, we have seen a jump in demand for our Italian translation services. This sudden leap in immigration numbers is both a good and bad thing for the translation industry as a whole, because the greater need for Italian translations means more work and has also created opportunities for newcomers to offer Italian translation for the first time. At the same time however, this has led to prices dropping to a point where Italian is now cheap compared with other languages.”

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