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New Study Reveals Ways to Achieve Optimized Phone Networks with "Do It Yourself " Techniques

An optimized phone system network provides the capacity to support exactly what is needed by the business in terms of incoming and outgoing voice calls, voicemail, IVR, call management, conferencing (on VoIP phones) and other standard features, saving costs and removing redundancy in the process.


Long Island, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2012 -- Tech blog recently released a new study about how businesses can optimize their phone networks in a cost-effective way without having to hire (expensive) consultants. The published material contains DIY (do it yourself) advice which introduces businesses to the basics of how to determine phone system requirements, how to choose business phones on the basis of cost, priority and requirements, and how to install, configure and maintain selected VoIP phone system equipment.

According to the study, businesses can achieve optimized phone system networks by optimizing their selection of phone systems and other telecom equipment. This can be achieved by first determining what their phone system requirements are; when a business has fully and properly identified its telecom requirements, it can begin the process of selecting systems that meet these requirements at the lowest cost possible.

While the process of determining requirements can be undertaken internally by audit, it is important to obtain expert advice and recommendations in order to properly select phone systems which meet requirements at the lowest cost possible. This information is provided in the study, which was put together by a team of phone system experts.

“Knowledge is power. And in the case of selecting optimized phone systems for businesses, knowledge is the power to save costs. Why hire a consultant when you can do it yourself? All that is needed to install optimized phone system networks is the knowledge of how to determine phone system requirements and how to select phone systems that meet these requirements at the lowest cost possible,” says a study collaborator.

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