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New Supplement and Spray Could Cure Baldness Reports Articate.com


Wells, Somerset -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/12/2012 -- Articate.com are reporting that a new supplement and spray has recently gone on sale that could potentially cure baldness, or at least delay the onset of baldness. A lot of men and women suffer from hair loss, but a new product called Har Vokse could help treat this condition.

This review of Har Vokse points out that the supplement and spray work together to not only prevent any more hair loss, but also to start growing new hair.

These products genuinely seem to work as well because in clinical studies that the makers carried out before launching this product, 90% of participants reported both a reduction in hair loss and some degree of hair regrowth as well.

It was actually Norwegian scientists who found that the problem of baldness and hair loss can be significantly improved when fish proteins are combined with vitamins and amino acids, which is how Har Vokse came about.

It is not only men that can benefit from this type of hair loss product either because many women have already used Har Vokse to help treat alopecia and hair loss generally. One woman who used this product to treat her hair loss (after plaiting her hair too much in the past) had this to say:

"I’d always had lots of hair and kept it in a long plait long after I was grown up. Suddenly, in the course of five weeks I’d lost almost of all it. It was dreadful!"

"I was given a tip by a colleague and thought I’d try. The preparations only contained natural ingredients so at least they couldn’t be harmful. It was the Har Vokse supplement formula."

"I took it every day and it didn’t take that long to work. I started in the autumn and by Christmas new hairs had started to grow. By spring I had new hair - with curls! Today I have a full head of curly hair with only two small patches that do not show. It’s amazing!"

So the fact that this product worked for this woman who had severe hair loss, and has shown to encourage hair growth and reduce hair loss in 90% of people in case studies, is extremely encouraging.

Anyone that would like to find out more about the Har Vokse hair loss and hair growth supplement and spray can do so by visiting:


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