New Supplement Offers over the Counter Adderall Weight Loss Results


Huntington, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- Addrena is an herbal and over the counter Adderall weight loss alternative supplement that gives similar results, just in a more natural way as it contains the best thermogenic body fat loss supplements to help you lose weight in your face, legs, and  other trouble areas that you may have.

Addrena contains Citrus Aurantium which has the powerful over the counter ingredient Syneprhine which is not only one of the best thermogenics, but also does an effective job to suppress appetite in a similar way to an Adderall weight loss plan. Another of the best thermogenics included in this stack is Yohimbe which is also an over the counter psycho stimulant like Adderall that can help you receive a boost in energy levels. Guarana is another herbal psycho stimulant which naturally boosts energy levels enabling you to achieve an even greater thermogenic effects as it allows you the necessary energy levels to get through intense cardio workouts.  For these reasons Addrena has similar effects to an Adderall weight loss plan just as an over the counter supplement because it  allows you to lose weight in a more natural way without a prescription or without the use of any synthetic or illegal drugs.

Most people are ignorant to the fact that when Adderall was first released as a prescription drug it was actually only used as a prescription weight loss aid. It is by no mistake that so many people want to have over the counter adderall weight loss results which is why there is an OTC alternative to an Adderall weight loss plan in Addrena. Addrena is far less inexpensive than the street value of Adderall pills as well as each bottle contains 60 pills . It can be ordered with the security of your transaction that only paypal gives to it's customers as well.

Addrena has sold thousands of bottles because it is a supplement made to make the consumer happy. Everything from the pills and bottles themselves are made in the finest conditions to give customers a high quality and effective natural over the counter adderall weight loss alternative supplement. We offer a money back guarantee because we are extremely confident that our customers will be satisfied with their purchase. We are well aware there are many OTC supplements that do not live up to their claims, that is why we assure customers with our return policy that this product is a great over the counter Adderall weight loss alternative supplement.

About Adderllin LLC
Adderllin LLC is a nutritional supplement company offering products that enhance lives multiple in ways. "Acnetame" is potent vitamin, mineral, and amino acid stack that more safely treats acne than antibiotics. "No-Stim" is a stimulant free weight loss aid, while Addrena helps energy, focus, and attention deficit disorder in more a natural way than synthetic drugs.

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