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New Survey by Reveals Car Salesmen Personalities Buyers Trust

A brand new survey has revealed the top five styles of salesmen motorists trust when buying new car, with females and Arthur Daley dodgy dealers both charting highly.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2014 -- The poll of 431 buyers was carried out by to determine the personalities that sell and the patter that puts buyers off when dealing with car salesmen. Using five different types of car sales stereotypes, the survey unmasked certain style of salesmen customers tend to trust the most, what characteristics motorist believe could get them the best deal, and who they preferred dealing with.

First up was ‘Arthur Daley’. Billed as a ‘dodgy car dealer’ type, Arthur is the salesman with the gift of the gab, who could sell ice to the eskimos. He brags about getting great deals on up-to-date models, but they turn out to be old bangers with a few choice modifications made. Just 2.32% of more than four hundred people surveyed said that they would trust ‘Arthur Daley’ as their car salesman; one person simply said they knew he’d get a good price! Generally, this type of salesman is not to be trusted; their vehicles don’t always have their full papers from previous owners, making it difficult to get the best motor insurance deals.

Next is the ‘wide boy’ part-time independent trader, or ‘backstreet’ trader. Polling just 6.49% of the votes, this salesman doesn’t command a great deal of trust among clients. His car business isn’t a full-time vocation, rather something he runs ‘on the side’ of a business purely as an earner. This means he is far more likely to be looking for profit in any way, shape, or form, and he will potentially tell some white lies to get it. Whether lying about the origins of a car, or lying about the condition it is in, this dealer might manage to get a good deal, but like ‘Arthur Daley’, he is not a trustworthy character to be dealing with when buying something as important as a car or van. Motor insurance can be difficult to come by when a vehicle has been purchased in this way.

Private sellers were next on the list, with almost one fifth of the vote. The general consensus amongst clients seemed to be that buying privately ends up being much cheaper than through a dealership, as long as the consumer has their wits about them. Buying privately through publications such as AutoTrader and the Loot can be the perfect solution for those who are well versed in all things engines and exhausts. Those who understand the inner workings of cars will know what they are looking for; the rookies browsing for a run-around without much specification or detail about their demands might find it more of a minefield.

The suited and booted male car sales professional came in second place, with 29% of those surveyed stating that this would be the person they would feel most comfortable purchasing a car from. The positives are clear; these salesmen often work for reputable dealers in full-time positions. They understand that their different clients will have different demands, and they have enough information to recommend models and negotiate great deals. However, where this salesman lost points is for their sales technique; often labelled ‘slimy’ or ‘too pushy’, many customers feel that they are simply being taken for all they have, with the male car sales professional’s mind truly on the profit rather than the needs of the customer.

Coming in first place was the female car sales professional, polling 42% of the overall votes registered. The comments regarding this saleswoman were that she was often the most trustworthy person to buy a car from. They were empathetic in understanding a client’s demands, and they have a less pressurised sales technique which allows the customers to make the decision for themselves. Many also felt that female sales professionals were more open to suggesting family cars, and were more able to make decisions regarding safety rather than looking good and being good value for money.

Dave Edwards, Managing Director at said, “Our survey threw up a few really interesting surprises, not least of which is that some motorists will still do business with a Del Boy or Arthur Daley! The clear winner was the female sales person, who encourages trust and empathy. The majority of those we spoke to agreed that sales women were less pushy, focusing less on the deal and more on helping the driver get a new vehicle that was really right for them. It is this attention to detail that makes many buyers feel that buying a car from a sales woman rather than a sales man is the way to go.”

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