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New Survey Highlights People's Washing Habits During Seasons, Insignia Range Comments


Buckinghamshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2015 -- A recent survey conducted company Geberit AquaClean has provided fascinating insights about how people's washing habits alter as the weathers change. The survey was carried out in the UK, in which around 2000 adults were asked about their hygiene habits and the effects of hotter and colder month in these habits. The survey elaborated that people were showering considerably less in winters. Insignia a key supplier of steam showering solutions shared the company's perspective about the survey's findings.

To be more precise 34% of the participants admitted that they showered less, however, in general thirty minutes per day was the average amount of time that was spent on personal hygiene daily. Personal hygiene experts who analyzed the findings believe that showering less during the winter was not the approach to staying clean. In their expert opinion the lack sweat and odor in colder weather does not mean that cleanliness is maintained because dead skin cells, dirt and oil continue to build up in pores which can only be removed by maintaining a healthy, regular shower routine.

A spokesperson from Insignia a key supplier of steam showering solutions commented: "It should not be assumed that fewer showers are needed in winter, just because sweating is less of a problem. People deserve to feel clean and fresh every day – and in a convenient way! That is why we are pleased to offer steam shower solutions; which make showering even more enjoyable as well as allow for a deep, true clean. They make a regular showering routine into a relaxing, rather than taxing, process. With our advanced technologies and compact units, you need not worry about water temperature issues and leaking which often dissuade people from showering more often in winter."

To counter the issue of declining hygiene habits in winter a better showering process that is more effective can be used. A showering system in which people do not have to worry about the correct temperature settings can provide a more comfortable and relaxing showering experience during winter months in the experts perspective.

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