New Sushi Cookbook "Sushi Fusion - A Unique and Artistic Presentation" Launches on Amazon


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2014 -- The launch of a premium sushi cookbook by master sushi chef and author Ruey Yan has become the talk of the sushi community ranging from hobbyists to professional chefs. The book is titled “Sushi Fusion – A Unique and Artistic Presentation” and is now available to purchase on Amazon or through

Chef Ruey Yan began his career as a waiter in a local restaurant, where English was taught to him mostly by his customers. Cooking became his hobby, and after finding much joy in it, it became his passion. As a sushi lover, he focused his efforts on sushi preparation and uncovered his true talent. The artistic preparation of sushi became his number one passion and has been ever since, leading him to a career as a premier sushi chef.

Chef Ruey is a sushi chef by trade, but his family, his friends and his restaurant guests know him as the “Sushi Artist”. When in the kitchen, which is just about always, he enjoys surprising his guests as he creates uniquely beautiful dishes that are equally wonderful to view and outrageously enjoyable to indulge.

Until now, sushi enthusiasts had to rely on the hidden gem of a local sushi bar or the occasional premier sushi restaurant to deliver that scrumptious taste. But now, with the launch of “Sushi Fusion – A Unique and Artistic Presentation”, Chef Ruey reveals his preparation much like a magician reveals his secrets.

With simple and precise instructions coinciding with colorful photography and beautiful images of the finished dishes, his step-by-step format can be followed by any level chef. From hobbyists and newcomers to the seasoned professionals interested in new and unique ideas, the pages of this sushi cookbook will uncover the secrets to Chef Ruey’s edible art; the timeless dishes that have captivated his guests over the years as well as the newest additions to his list of favorites.

Chef Ruey, author of this wonderful sushi cookbook, stated the following: “Come on a journey with me, and together we will explore my favorite recipes, my essential garnishes, and my diverse list of sauces. I hope you will enjoy practicing and learning as much as I did revealing and teaching.”

“Sushi Fusion – A Unique and Artistic Presentation”, a 160+ page book, includes easy to follow instructions for 60 recipes, 24 garnishes, and 11 sauces.

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