New T-Shirts Help Discover Strangers That Are Really Friends


New South Wales, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2013 -- Like every other aspect of culture, fashion evolves. Sometimes results are good, sometimes bad, and sometimes in between. But now, Australia-based, casual-wear design company is taking fashion evolution to the brink... of gab, that is. Per announcement today, is launching its new line of funky interactive t-shirts: The “Funkiest T-Shirts in Town” are available for purchase in the company’s online retail boutique (

“We wanted to make a product that was funny and literally engaging,” said owner and lead designer Sagar. “People can use our t-shirts as conversation icebreakers on first dates, at parties, bars or in other social situations.”

Designed for both women and men, the “Funkiest T-Shirts in Town” showcase everything from simple-yet-witty one-liners to full-size, interactive game boards. For example, the “Make a Move” t-shirt prominently displays a game of chess, complete with moveable pieces.

Encouraging an edgier brand of humor, the company’s motto, (“Strangers are friends under cover. Discover.”), comes to life in other popular designs. The “I Blame this Idiot” t-shirt features a large hand with moveable pointer to pass the buck and the Clock t-shirt features a range of instructive suggestions on the hour, including “Vamoosh (sic),” “Go Away,” “Scram,” “Beat It,” “Get Lost” and “Buzz Off,” to name just a few. t-shirts are made with 100% soft-feel cotton, are machine-washable, and come in a variety of colors, sizes and quips. Pricing starts at AUD $30 and customers enjoy free delivery worldwide.

To join in the “tee-talk,” visit the company website ( or connect with the design team on Facebook:, and on Twitter:, #teetalkshirts.

About is an Australia-based, casual-wear design company, specializing in taking personal expression and style to the brink of gab with a line of ‘funky,’ interactive t-shirts. More information is available on the company website:

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