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New Talent Lori Fitzgerald Hits the Indie Fantasy Scene with the Dragon's Message

In a guest appearance at the blog Her Ladyship’s Quest, English teacher and Medieval literature devotee Lori Fitzgerald tells about her love of Renaissance faires and helping kids appreciate literature.


Battle Creek, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2014 -- On Wednesday Her Ladyship’s Quest featured an interview with Lori Fitzgerald author of The Dragon’s Message. This was a scheduled stop on Fitzgerald’s blog tour promoting her debut fantasy novel, a Medieval-style romance about a knight and a woman on a sacred quest.

In her interview, Fitzgerald spoke about the immediate joy she experienced upon attending a Renaissance faire for the first time.

“One time that I remember vividly I bought a gorgeous headdress overflowing with flowers and feathers and ribbons that I was so happy to wear...and as soon as one of my friends saw it he told me I looked like a bird exploded on my head! He's lucky I laughed instead of proceeding to the nearest weaponry stall,” Fitzgerald said.

The interview as conducted by Tracy Falbe the owner of Her Ladyship’s Quest went on to ask how Fitzgerald helped her middle school students learn about literature and reading.

Fitzgerald explained, “Enthusiasm and dramatics! I am a firm believer that if you are passionate about something and it shows, other people will be drawn in as well.”

Her own enthusiasm for fantasy writing has transformed her into a published author, despite being a busy mother. She described the Dragon’s Message with these intriguing words:

A dragon writes a cryptic message with its ember breath in the evening sky...

Lady Rhiannon watches from the turret wall with an ache in her blood. She's the only person who can decipher the message as the sole keeper of the Dragon Tome. When an old enemy threatens the castle, her father charges his knight with escorting her to a safe haven—the same knight Rhiannon had a crush on as a girl. But she must now convince him to change his plans, for she has her own sacred charge to fulfill...

Fitzgerald’s novel has already received glowing reviews at ebook retailers Amazon and Barnes & Noble and was a good candidate for appearing on Her Ladyship’s Quest that has supported indie authors since 2008, especially in the fantasy genre.

The complete author interview including an excerpt is published at Her Ladyship’s Quest where fantasy fans can learn how to get the Dragon’s Message and connect with the author.