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New Tea Based Cigarette Helps People to Stop Smoking

There is a new type of tea based cigarette being produced that will either allow people to replace smoking with a non-nicotine/non-tobacco option or allow them to slowly ween themselves off of their nicotine addiction.


Piscataway, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2014 -- Billy 55 is a new smoking product being marketed to two very specific groups of people, those who are looking for a way to eliminate their addiction to nicotine and those who enjoy smoking but are looking for another option. According to the creators of Billy 55, though electronic cigarettes have gained popularity over the past few years, they are hardly a healthy choice since they still load your body with nicotine, as well as, many other unhealthy chemicals. Billy 55 green cigarettes are completely void of tobacco and nicotine and made of all natural green and black teas. This is why they are marketing their product as the worlds first all green cigarette.

"Tobacco cigarettes have over 599 additives, and with the additives over 4000 chemical compounds are released by burning a tobacco cigarette – 69 of those compounds are carcinogenic. But, the most deceptive and powerful agent in tobacco cigarettes is nicotine," says a representative from Billy 55.

Billy 55 is also offering their customers a simple 3 stage program which can help them to remove nicotine addiction from their lives. The three stage process includes, breaking the physical addiction to cigarettes, easing the smoker’s dependence on nicotine and finally breaking the emotional connection that has been attached to the habit over the years. The developers behind this product also believe that these tea cigarettes will even benefit those who have no plans on quitting by providing them with a a non-nicotine/non-tobacco option that will cost significantly less than typical tobacco cigarettes. As of right now, the company plans on selling Billy 55 tea cigarettes for just $20 per carton.

A representative from the company was also quoted as saying, "You can actually smoke the BILLY, and at the same time reduce tar, many carcinogenic byproducts, eliminate tobacco, eliminate nicotine, and use this product as a catalyst to stop being hurt by traditional cigarettes. "

About Billy 55
In order to help complete this project, the creators of Billy 55 need to raise approximately $55,000.00 USD. These funds are needed so that the company can create a large enough inventory to be able to enter the cigarette market and sell directly to the public. The crowdsourcing campaign can be found on the popular website Indiegogo. Those who choose to back this project will be rewarded with perks. These perks vary depending on the size of the contribution. For example, a $25 donation will get the backer a carton of Billy Green or Black Tea cigarettes. Larger donation will get backers larger quantities of the product, most of all it will help start a new way for those addicted to cigarettes to finally quit.

For more information about Billy 55 and this project, visit their campaign page.

Contact Information:
Name : Ranko Tutulugdzija
Phone : 551-333-0759
Email :
Address : 17B Rutgers Road Piscataway, New Jersey 08854 United States