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New Tech-Player, Software Development Resource (SDR), Publishes New Free Mobi to EPUB Converter


Eugene, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2014 -- SDR or Software Development Resource launches a new product into their already extensive arsenal of free programs. It is called mobi to epub file converter which is entirely great for readers of ebooks who want to unify all their filetype into one accepted and standard version such as the EPUB.

Delving into MOBI Files

For those who care to know, SDR also has a recently released epub reader program which is also obtainable pro bono.

EPUB file extensions is the current standard among all open eBook files found across the internet today but there are also certain deviations among other landscapes such as Amazon's very own Mobi file extension.

Opening one is tricky since it needs its own Mobi reader like a dedicated ePub reader since it's a file on its own unlike anything else (SDR may also soon release one in the future). Unlike the more popular PDF and EPUB files, MOBI files are more suitable for output devices with smaller screens (usually PDA or mobile devices as it was originally intended to).

It was Amazon's own foray into the eBook filetype race back in 2005 when it purchased Mobipocket as a reaction to Adobe's decision to stop selling eBook packaging and software services.

Right now, MOBI files are also compatible in Amazon's own devices such as the notable Kindle for ebook readers. MOBI file extensions are also capable of the reflowable content technology like its competition.

Most standard Operating Systems that come with free apps to open regular files do not come with natural programs that can open files with a .mobi as file extension. It is almost always needed to be downloaded separately and some aren't free. With SDR's mobi to epub converter, there's no more need to download and open another reader just to read a MOBI file. Users can just easily convert it to the more popular and widely accepted EPUB files for easier viewing even for larger screens such as tablets and eventually desktop computers.

Converted files transact for seconds and user interface is made easier so even beginners and late bloomers for such technology can still enjoy it without the any barriers.

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