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New Technology Allows Programmers to Convert Flash Games to Smartphones and Other Mobile Devices


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2012 -- When video games first appeared on the market many years ago, they were all played through consoles that were attached to television sets. Over time, the game industry evolved, and computer games became extremely popular.

According to recent news reports, the game industry is changing once again as the vast majority of people prefer to play games right on their Smartphones and other mobile devices. Rather than being tied down to their computers, people like the ability to play their favorite games wherever and whenever they like.

A newly-launched tool called Scaleform is now allowing programmers to convert many of the famous flash games like Mario games, Happy Wheels and many others to be played right through their phones. Scaleform, which works by reading the flash data file and interpreting it as a mobile app, is a welcome tool for people who want to port their flash games over to iOS with very little effort.

With this new technology in place, and because the major players like Apple, Google and Microsoft are dropping their support for adobe flash, experts agree that flash games’ days are numbered. Although websites like GamesEverytime.com, which features over 3,000 flash games for people to play, are still getting a reasonable amount of visitors, many other gaming sites have seen a significant drop in traffic.

Current statistics back up the contention that the mobile industry is having a definite impact on flash games and flash games websites. For example, it is estimated that there are more games available for people to play on iOS devices—including iPhones and iPads—than all other gaming systems combined. Recent statistics also show that the Android game industry is growing rapidly in popularity, offering players literally millions of games from which to choose.

With all of the best flash games including QWOP, Doodle God and many others, also being released as mobile apps, and with the ability of the Scaleform technology to convert flash games directly, it is only a matter of time before flash games go by the wayside.

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