New Technology Erases Brown Spots Instantly


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2014 -- Body Beautiful Spa, located in Phoenix, Arizona, is one of the first practices in Arizona to offer the Clearista Refining Pen. The Clearista Refining Pen, developed by Skincential Sciences, uses a patented solution to literally erase seborrheic keratosis brown spots and other skin imperfections. The Clearista Refining Pen’s unique precision means that it is a safer and more effective alternative to traditional brown spot removal treatments of cutting, freezing, and burning.

Seborrheic keratosis, a common form of benign brown spots, affects over 70 million Americans. The seborrheic keratosis brown spots are often raised and often have a waxy characteristic that gives them a classic “pasted on” look. While seborrheic keratosis brown spots are benign, they can be irritated by jewelry or tight clothing. Most people that want their seborrheic keratosis brown spots removed want them removed because they think they are unsightly. Because removal of seborrheic keratosis brown spots is almost always cosmetic, most all health insurance policies will not cover the expense of removal. Dermatologists often charge $400 or more to freeze, burn, or cut each seborrheic keratosis brown spot. When people have multiple seborrheic keratosis brown spots, the cost of removal quickly becomes prohibitive.

The great news is that the Clearista Refining Pen can safely and precisely remove as many as three or four seborrheic keratosis brown spots in one single appointment, and at Body Beautiful Spa, the introductory price for a Clearista Refining Pen treatment is just $249. “Our entire medical and aesthetics team was impressed with the Clearista’s pain-free effectiveness and precision,” said Marlena Krueger, Body Beautiful Spa’s Executive Director. “Body Beautiful Spa goes to great lengths to provide best-in-class skin treatments at a great price. We knew that the Clearista Refining Pen met our objective the first time we saw it in action,” she added.

Before using the Clearista Refining Pen to remove seborrheic keratosis brown spots, a proprietary softening gel is applied. Then the Clearista Refining Pen, which delivers the patented exfoliating agent through a specialized foam tip, is used to literally erase the seborrheic keratosis brown spot in minutes. It is easy for practitioners to see exactly how deep the exfoliation needs to go, which helps eliminate the potential for post-procedure scars, hypopigmentation, and hyperpigmentation.

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