Euro-Technics, Inc.

New Technology Gives New Life to Old Machines

Euro-Technics, Inc. Save Clients Time, Energy, and Money by Retrofitting Old Equipment with Custom Made Parts


Carpentersville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2016 -- For the last two decades, Euro-Technics, Inc. has worked to ensure optimally designed, precise, robust and durable products. They design and build custom tools that are adapted to each and every one of their customer's needs. Their custom design solutions and the various industries they serve lead them into regularly producing tools that are truly one-of-a-kind. This unique edge of Euro-Technics has allowed them the opportunity to not only work on developing pieces and parts of all shapes and sizes for brand new machines but also retrofitting for older ones.

Retrofitting old machines gives them new purpose where there was none before. Some of the machines Euro-Technics has built parts for are 10 to 20 years old. Euro-Technics goes in and measures the customer's machine and designs an adapting flange to mount onto the machine and, from there, mount their new attachments (such as angle milling unit) to the flange thereby making a solid mount to the host machine.

With this kind of fit, the customer typically now has 1 or 2 axis of spindle adjustment so they can now approach their part from different angles thereby allowing them to sometimes machine a part in one fell swoop rather than re-positioning the part several times. On large machines, the workpieces are typically quite big, so moving a workpiece and realigning it to the machine's axis can be very difficult and time consuming. By mounting angle heads to the machine spindle, customers are similarly able to machine the part from various angles without having to move the part.

"There's no reason for businesses to buy entirely new machines when they can simply retrofit it with a custom part," shared Euro-Technics owner Ross Benson. "What makes us unique is our ability to create solutions to customers' needs that oftentimes cannot be found elsewhere. Through this process, we are able to not only save old machines from being disposed of, but also save companies the thousands upon thousands of dollars they'd have to pour into purchasing into a new machine. By simply increasing current machine's capacities, this can easily be averted."

More information about Euro-Technics and the work they do as well as the variety of products they provide can be found on their website.

About Euro-Technics, Inc.
For over twenty years, Euro-Technics, Inc. has been an innovator in designing custom made machining tools for businesses all across the globe. In addition, their long time partnership with Madaula S.A. has allowed them to bring design and application experience and products to various customers in the U.S, Canada, Central and South America, in various industries, including Energy, Medical, Aerospace, Automotive, Mold and Die. Current products available from Euro-Technics website range from Speed Reducers (Torque Increasers), Polygon Milling Attachments, Thread Whirling Attachments, special design I.D. Key Cutting Angle Heads, Saw Milling Heads, and more.