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New Technology ID Wristbands to Keep Kids Safe at Amusement Parks

New ID Wristbands can give parents a peace of mind


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2014 -- A visit to an amusement park is always very exciting for little ones – There is so much to see and so much to explore and children can easily get distracted by all the fun attractions. This combined with the overwhelming loud music and other people that are as excited as you can turn the visit into a parents’ worst nightmare.

It just takes a split second to get separated and statistics state that the chances of getting separated while visiting an amusement park are as likely as 1 in 3 kids.

Parents have come up with great ideas to keep little ones safe, but a San Diego mom of three combined it all and created a safe and very simple solution. It is called SmartKidsID.

SmartKidsID are wearable child Id products like fashionable Id wristbands and Id shoe tags that each comes pre-engraved with a unique QR Code that can be linked to a child’s online profile. This is the newest technology available on the market right now.

Reuniting a lost child with the parents has never been easier. Here are some advantages:

1. Set up on the go - The unique QR Code can be activated with a secret code right on the go when purchased and there is no engraving necessary. Set-up can be done in a few steps using a smartphone using the SmartKidsID App that can be downloaded free of charge in the ITunes and Google Play Store.

2. It is very discreet - A child’s emergency information is safely hidden behind the QR Code and not visible to casual onlookers.

3. Quick access to information - A helper can access the parents contact information with a smartphone (every free QR Code Reader App) within a few seconds or call the 24/7 live operator to get connected to the child’s parents.

4. It is reusable and waterproof - Id information can be updated as often as needed online - This means that parents don’t have to buy another product every time information changes.

SmartKidsID has even more to offer:

The free SmartKidsID App allows parents to take a picture of their little one right before entering the park.

Parents in panic usually can’t think straight - This can help parents give a detailed description of the child! This picture with all the child id data can be sent from the system as a “Missing Child Alert” to the responsible person at the park and if the park has a system in place they can send it out to staff in a heartbeat.

The SmartKidsID Child Id App is free for everyone. Parents need to be pro-active and be prepared for the unthinkable.

SmartKidsID products are very affordable. (Id Wristbands $14.95 and Shoe tags $9.95) They are available online at SmartKidsID Shop and on Amazon – no membership or monthly fees associated!

If this can make a difference in one child’s life it is worth the incremental cost.

About SmartKidsID
San Diego, CA based SmartKidsID is owned by Liv & Leo, Inc. a company founded by a mom of three out of the need to provide cost efficient solutions that improve child safety and shortens first responders’ reaction time.