New Teen Sci-Fi Ebook Series Plays out on and off Page

Martian Wars, a new digital story experience with supporting YouTube web series gives readers more.


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2013 -- Getting the attention of young people in an increasingly loud world isn’t easy. To cut through the noise, author Peter Worthington and Read Along Publishing have developed a creative formula for launching their newest ebook series, Martian Wars.

The formula is simple: A YouTube web series of 10 videos that acts as an extended introduction to the story will be launched first followed by 15 short ebook episodes. The YouTube web series introduces the audience to Con, a twenty something computer hacker who experiences an alien spaceship crash landing and is on a mission to expose the truth of what he saw, while the authorities try to silence him. The ebook episodes will then continue the story, several years into the future as Aliens prepare to invade Earth.

The Martian Wars YouTube web series plays out in real time, supported by a Facebook Page, Twitter account and a Tumblr blog where main character Con releases all the information he gathers to his followers. Viewers will be able to interact with Con through social media and help to drive the story forward. Once the YouTube web series is complete, the first Martian Wars eBook episode will be released for free. A new episode, costing $0.99 each will be released weekly thereafter.

The decision to turn the ebook into short, serialised episodes rather than a single book was made because it provides the community of readers an opportunity to drive the story and influence the outcome of later episodes.

The Martian Wars series will be available through the Apple iBookstore, Amazon’s Kindle Store, Google Play Store and Kobo. The web series will play out on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. You can keep up to date with the series at

Advance media copies of the Martian Wars ebook episodes are available on request. To request a copy please email

A key driver for the way Read Along Publishing works is a desire to continuously innovate and improve the way that people connect with all forms of literature. This idea goes well beyond the mere substitution of traditional print media for digital media. Read Along Publishing uses emerging technology, along with other forms of digital media to engage with audiences from the moment they turn the first page.

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