New TENS Therapy Review Page Helps People Deal with Back Pain

Recently created web page assists men and women in finding the best portable treatment for reliving back pain at home.


Evansport, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2012 -- Kathryn Finley, an independent journalist specialized in writing about health and beauty subjects, has created a new web page that reviews a popular machine for relieving both acute and chronic back pain.

This page brings comprehensive review of portable TENS unit called AuraWave. This device can be used at home or by professionals. People who visit this page will find out why this machine (unlike other TENS units for sale) is cleared by the USA Food and Drug Administration. It is approved as a Class II medical device. It is available without a prescription and people can use it for treating pain in the lower back and extremities.

People who are interested in using AuraWave, can learn on this page about different treatment modes designed to address specific back pain. The device not only helps with the back pain but provides pain relief in other body parts as well.

The page also includes video testimonials of people who are explaining how their chronic back pain  they were suffering from is now completely gone thanks to AuraWave TENS unit and are now living pain free.

“It is estimated that as many as 100 million people in the U.S. suffer from acute or chronic pain,” Kathryn said. “What’s different about this device is that it is approved by the FDA for treating pain in the lower back and extremities. It’s just like having a physical therapist with you at any time when you demand it.”

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or TENS is a non-invasive, low-risk therapy which helps control or relieve some types of pain.

In TENS treatment for pain management, a small device produces low-voltage electrical current. This current is delivered near the source of pain. The electricity influences nerves in the suffering region and transmits signals to the brain that scramble regular pain perception. TENS is not uncomfortable and can be helpful remedy to hide pain.

People should not confuse TENS with EMS or Electro Muscle Stimulation. EMS and TENS portable machines look similar and both of them use electrodes. However, TENS is for blocking pain, while EMS stimulates muscles.

TENS therapy is safe to use with other medication. But people with a pacemaker should not use these devices because they may interfere with its operation. In addition, a TENS unit should not be placed directly over the spinal column, over the eyes, on the front of the neck, internally, on wounds and over a tumour.

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Kathryn Finley is an independent journalist with over 22 years experience. She specializes in writing about health and beauty subjects.

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