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New Title Explores the Controversy Surrounding Francis Bacon and Shakespeare


Louisville, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2014 -- The latest book by Karl F. Hollenbach, Francis Rosicross, provides evidence supporting the  contention that the works of well-known English playwright Shakespeare were in fact written by Sir Francis Bacon.

This new and expanded edition of Francis Rosicross offers thirty-three examples from the works of Shakespeare that bare striking resemblances to what happened to Sir Francis Bacon during his life, in particular after his trial.

Mr. Hollenbach explores why Sir Francis Bacon would have needed to write under a pseudonym as well as exploring why the man everyone believes wrote the famous plays and sonnets could not have done it. An analysis of the various cyphers (codes) used by Bacon and found in Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets, along with other Elizabethan era documents and monuments, takes the reader on a step-by-convincing-step discovery.

Francis Rosicross (ISBN: 978-1493742356) is available from Amazon as a Kindle ebook and paperback. Distributors, libraries, academic institutions, and retailers may order paperbacks from CreateSpace, an Amazon subsidiary. European readers may also find it in the Fresh Publishing Store , BAA’s distribution partner based in the UK.

Author Karl F. Hollenbach said, “I wrote the original manuscript of Francis Rosicross a while back. However, it is a subject, which continues to hold high interest for me, and my personal research continued. I was very pleased to see Francis Rosicross updated with a crucial index and re-published.”

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