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New Tooth Whitening Product Whitens Teeth While Sunbathing on Beach

New product helps sunbathers get the best of both worlds this summer; beautifully bronzed skin and pearly white teeth.


Haverhill, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2013 -- As Americans hit the beaches this summer they’ll of course pack coolers full of food, cold drinks, towels and tanning oil. Some will leave the beach with whiter teeth too, they’ll be packing their all new “Pearly Whites Express UV Tray”, the first whitening tray that whitens teeth while you're bathing in the sun!

At home tooth whitening is becoming increasingly popular and one company, “Pearly Whites Express” of Haverhill is making the process not only affordable, but easier than ever with their all new Express UV Tray. It’s easy to use and there’s no prep work or mess, just unwrap the Pearly Whites Express UV tray, insert it in your mouth and sunbathe. At the end of the day, you’ll not only have a gorgeous tan but also a brighter, whiter smile!

The Pearly Whites Express UV Tray can also be used off the beach. Enjoy the tray while reading a book, doing dishes, studying, working out at the gym or driving to work. Now you can whiten while on the go and see AMAZING results in 30 minutes or less! The ALL NEW Pearly Whites Express Tray (one size fits all) is designed to whiten teeth while allowing you to do the things you need to get done.

What causes teeth to become discoloured?

The surface of your teeth contain lots and lots of microscopic pores, teeth become stained when these pores are penetrated with compounds from smoking, drinking fizzy drinks, coffee, red wine, even some foods like peas and butter can cause teeth to become discoloured. A good rule to remember is if it can stain white cotton it can stain your teeth.

Pearly whites is a tooth whitening service based in Haverhill, Massachusetts. They are now very please to be able to offer the Pearly Whites Express Tray. A spokes person for the company, Justin McFadden said "Our product can be used while tanning on the beach or in a tanning bed. Unlike other home whitening products that require you to paint on the whitening gel, our trays guarantee NO prep work, so there’s no mess. Just unwrap, pop it in your mouth and start whitening."

Consumers may purchase the all new whitening tray, at home tooth whitening kit for only $6.95.