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New Translation Agency Will Put an End to Industry Bad Practices


Dartford, Kent -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2014 -- Verto Languages, a start-up translation company, aims to put an end to the bad practices currently proliferating in the translation and localization industry. These include the underpayment of translators and the general lack of precision at every stage of the translation process. Some companies even offer machine translation as a viable alternative to professional, human translation.

The cost to businesses of poor-quality translation is only too apparent with 77.6% of those that responded to our survey claiming that they would ask for a refund if a poorly-translated user manual prevented them from using a product. 85.4% of those that responded to another one of our surveys, carried out using Google Surveys, agreed that poorly translated documents and websites make a business appear less trustworthy.

Verto Languages aims to promote a professional approach to translation with attention to detail applied to every stage of the process. In combination with modern technology, this approach provides high-quality translations at a competitive price.

As part of its diligent process, Verto Languages has a rigorous selection procedure for translators to ensure that only the very best are selected. This procedure includes the careful evaluation of their CV, portfolio and any qualifications claimed by applicants. Unlike the majority of agencies, Verto Languages also asks to see a copy of the degree certificate of those selected to work for them.

Steven Caller, Managing Director, says, “having worked as a freelance translator, I am only too aware of the lack of checks carried out by agency staff and their indifferent attitude towards recruitment. Only too often, the agency selects the translator that they can pay the least, rather than assessing applicants for their suitability, expertise and experience.

It is not only the way in which translators are recruited that has a material impact upon the quality of our translations: we also work with our team of trusted translators on a more regular basis, rather than establishing a vast database of linguists. By selecting our translators for their professionalism, expertise and accuracy rather than price, we can ensure that they apply the full extent of their expertise to any given translation, rather than rushing through a project like their underpaid counterparts might be tempted to do.

It is my fundamental belief that companies would rather entrust their important documents and website text to a translation company that provides an accurate and professional service from start to finish. That's also why we have a pay-on-delivery policy.”

About Verto Languages
Verto Languages keeps waste to a minimum using a modern cloud management system that makes managing the translation workflow a more efficient process, consuming less time and resulting in superior organization.

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