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New Travel Video Offers Snapshot of Traditional Nomadic Dining in Kyrgysztan


Chui, Kyrgyzstan -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2014 -- The online travel agency Silk Road Explore has released a new video offering the world a glimpse into travelers’ experience being treated to a rare dining experience with Kyrgysztani nomads.

In the video, tourists in nomadic Kyrgyzstan are able to enjoy a meal that goes far beyond traditional food, encompassing millennia of cultural traditions.

Silk Road Explore’s new video “Nomad Tours for Your Own Nomad Travels: Cooking & Cultural Traditions of Nomads in Kyrgyzstan” can be viewed at

The short film was shot in a yurt, or traditional nomadic hut, and includes footage of a variety of foods being served, including a sheep prepared and brought out for the meal. Each portion of the sheep bears cultural significance. For example, the eldest person in the group and guests of honor are shown respect by being presented with certain/the best cuts of meat. The more honor is due, the better cuts of meat are given. The video details how tourists might see meat divvied up and served to different guests during their own nomadic travels.

Traditional dining in nomadic Kyrgyzstan uses no utensils, so guests use their fingers to eat.

Nomads in Kyrgyzstan are largely Muslim and as such, they incorporate two different things into their meals. First of all, halal meat is served. Halal food has been killed and prepared according to Islamic standards. This includes killing the animal swiftly and draining all the blood from the body.

Besides serving halal meat, another tradition Muslims in Kyrgyzstan practice is to say an "amen" after the meal. No one can leave until the “amen” has been said. On their way out, guests are usually given extra food to take home that can be eaten later as a snack or another meal.

Those who are planning a nomadic ecotour around Central Asia will enjoy the healthy, culturally-rich meals offered by nomadic Kyrgysztanis.

Kyrgyzstan is a country in central Asia with a lush, gorgeous natural terrain and rich cultures just waiting to be explored by eco-tourists and adventurers of all kinds. The country, situated east of China and south of Kazakhstan, is 90 percent mountainous and is thus nicknamed "the Alps of Central Asia." Kyrgyzstan is filled with nearly 2,000 crystalline alpine lakes scattered throughout the country, the most popular of which is Lake Issyk Kul, a warm lake that never freezes. Lake Issyk Kul is the second largest alpine lake in the world with an area of 6,236 km² (2,408 square miles).

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